18 Ways Clutter can Cramp your Co-Creating Style

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This weekend I’m sharing something very interesting with you about your home environment, and how it may or may not be serving your highest purpose… and thus, your ability to manifest happy results in your life.

Now, to be clear, we’re not talking about the relationships with the people in your home environment; today we’re just focusing on the actual environment itself. Moreover, we’ll be looking at the stuff in the environment of your home.

So. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being hoarder-style clutter and 10 being as empty and pristine as a super-high-end space-age modern hotel room ?… how cluttered would you say the spaces in your home really are? (And just FYI, ideally you’d be at about a 9… 10 is much too sterile and will also have a negative impact on your energy.)

Try to be aware of spaces. Even if your living space is nice and clean, what about closets, storage areas, back rooms, etc.?

Are there any spaces in your home that aren’t well organized, or that contain things you haven’t used in a long time but are attached to for whatever reason and can’t seem to part with?

Notice a term I used there: attached to. See, this is the thing: every single little tiny thing you own is attached to you by a super-fine energetic thread.

Hence, the more you own, the more attachments you have.

The more of these thread-like attachments you have, the more easily they can become all tangled up and create havoc in your energy field.

So. If your stuff isn’t super minimalized (really? “minimalized” is not a word??) and organized, then that means you have zillions of itty bitty threads aaall over the place, like a tangled up, thick, sticky spiderweb all caught around your vibration.

And that means that no matter how much you align yourself well in other areas of your life such as healthy eating, uplifting relationships, a daily spiritual practice, etc., you’re still not going to be able to achieve an optimal frequency for Manifesting your greatest life.

Realistically, it could easily take an entire book (or two!) to go deeper into this topic, giving you all the hows and whys. But what I’ve discovered is that a lot of times all we need to make a change in our lives is Awareness. If we are aware of what something is doing to our energy, that’s often enough to get us moving in the right direction.

That being said, I know many of us can still be left wondering where the heck to start. In my Baby Steps to Bliss program one of the modules is based entirely around Feng Shui & clutter, and all the How-to stuff, because like I said, clutter truly affects your ability to Co-Create your best life. And it can be too overwhelming to know how to get started, not to mention how to see it through… especially if this is a lifelong pattern or there has been some sort of issue that has contributed to it, like long-term illness, death of a loved one, etc…

But for today we’ll go over a quick list of 18 ways that your “clutter” (eg, anything that you own or keep in your space that doesn’t serve an uplifting and/or regular purpose in your life) can cause issues for you:

1. Clutter will sap your energy. Clutter holds a stagnant, dirty energy that physically impacts your own, frequently causing you to feel too tired and exhausted to even want to clean up in the first place.

2. Clutter keeps you from being fully in the present. Too much stuff is a consistent visual reminder of “what has been” up until now, and you can only begin to go forward creating a new existence once the old one is all cleared out to make space for it.

3. Clutter is the opposite of a decongestant. Believe it or not, one of the impacts of clutter’s yucky, mucky energy, is congestion. Your sinuses, your lymphs, all the systems in your body that are supposed to flow, are at risk when there is clutter in your life. You may also notice drains and vents and other things in your home getting clogged up as well.

4. Clutter can affect your weight. Clutter and body fat are both forms of protection. Experience has taught that when we surround ourselves with one, the other is highly likely to come with the package.

5. Clutter is dazing and confusing. Having too much stuff creates both neurological and energetic barriers to a clear, smoothly flowing thought process.

6. Clutter can affect your relationships. With few exceptions, people often treat us how we’ve taught or allowed them to treat us, as well as by the self image we project. When we love ourselves by creating a clear and lovely environment around us, our self image and self respect likewise increase; and others pick up on that.

7. Clutter causes procrastination. Largely due to #1, having clutter in your life just makes it so much harder to do the things you don’t really want to do… and sadly, even the things you do want to do.

8. Clutter causes discord and strained relationships. For obvious reasons and not-so-obvious reasons, having too many things in your life bleeds pain into your precious connections with the people you love, causing arguments, resentment, judgment and contempt, to name a few.

9. Clutter can make you feel ashamed. It’s easy to see why you might feel this way if you have clutter in your front rooms for all the world to see… However, even if it is locked away somewhere, every time you see it or even think of the clutter, it will likely cause you to feel ashamed and embarrassed – often subconsciously.

10. Clutter stops the flow of your life. If you’re always taking your free time to clean up and sort through piles of stuff – or worse, to think about sorting through piles of stuff (see #7) – you won’t be very motivated or feel very free to do the things you love, let alone try new projects or adventures!

11. Clutter is the opposite of an anti-depressant. You know the feeling when you walk into your kitchen and see your sink overflowing with dirty dishes? Well, owning too many things is energetically like a huge stinky sink, full of nasty-asty dishes that just never get done. It’ll drag down your energy (again, as in #1,) and can easily lead to depression.

12. Clutter goes with you everywhere. Not only does the stagnant, gross energy of it stick to you; the fact is, if you have any sort of clutter at home you’re likely to carry clutter with you in other ways, too – such as in your wallet, your purse, your car, your briefcase, your luggage, etc.

13. Clutter dulls your sensitivity to inspiration. Part of co-creating a wonderful life for yourself involves being able to tap into your Divine Source for inspired action. If you have too much stuff pulling at the strings of your frequency, you’re going to be too dazed and distracted (as in #5) to receive those awesome-but-quiet jolts of inspiration.

14. Clutter is a time-gobbler. As in #10, if you have too much clutter in your living space, then during regular cleaning it will take you longer for every extra item you have to pick up… especially because you often won’t have a good place for it in the first place!

15. Clutter causes disorganization. Another example of how it can gobble your time (see #14,) clutter can lead to losing and misplacing the things that really matter. Also the mental and energetic stress of too much stuff can cause #5 to occur and it becomes easier to forget what you did with the keys, your shoes, etc., etc.

16. Clutter can be a hazard to your health and to your home. Clutter can grow mold, mildew, and other general grossness if it’s not being regularly cleaned, used, enjoyed, aired out, and/or brought out into the light. You can trip on clutter and get hurt. Also, clutter is a fire hazard – the more there is to burn, the faster fire will spread.

17. Clutter sends a message to the Universe. If you have too much stuff or your home isn’t neatly organized, there will be energetic symbolism happening all over the place that, unbeknownst to you, is attracting things into your life that you really didn’t necessarily want or ask for.

18. Clutter costs you moolah. Excessive possessions cost you money, in terms of how much percentage of your space is being used to store non-essential stuff (things you don’t absolutely love or use at least once a year.) Also, storage units cost money. So do many the other 17 issues listed above, if they get far enough.

So that’s all, folks! Hope I was able to shed some light on things (both literally and figuratively!) for you and that you’re able to take that awareness with you throughout your weekend and into your daily lives.

I know it can be overwhelming, and often it really is difficult to know what to purge and where to start… but I have both information for you and faith in you. If you do need more help, you can find it here (click on the link) or I am only a phone call / text / email away.

There’s also a wide selection of books on the topic; however, be careful with this, because if you’re already overwhelmed, it’s highly likely that a book just isn’t going to be enough to help you get into action. Accountability and feedback are key for that. Also it’s hard to know where to start when choosing a book in the first place. I’ve read too many to count, myself.

So if you’re truly motivated to step into a new environment that will boost your manifesting mojo and make you feel like a million bucks, ask me or another qualified spiritual guide/life coach to help you, at least through the first part of it until you get up a good momentum for yourself.

?Many Feng Shui blessings to you all – have a beautiful weekend!!

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