Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since this has been one of the busier nights I've had at work in a long time, I'm not left with much time to crank out the long, lovely post I had formerly planned. So instead, for now, I will share with you what we did last night:

Jae was so brave on Big Red this time... that is, until he started getting spunky.

Speaking of sweet Wranglers! (See Tuesday's post.) I was totally biased and unfair as a teenager. Our friend "Cal" (names have been changed to protect privacy) is seriously awesome and one of the very best cowboys the west has ever known!!! Both the west and the Weston. He immediately took to Cal and seemed a whole lot braver with him leading Thunder. Look at that "I-know-exactly-what-I'm-doing" little face! Wes is so cool and confident, I love it.

"Welp, looks lahk Ah'm gonna hafta haul all that hay tuhmarrah after all. Whaddya think, Cal?"

Jae's last moments of peace before Red decided he was feelin' kinda frisky.

Look at Weston's legs! He's practically doing the splits and he acts like it's the most natural position in the world!

And that was Jae's third attempt to get down. Notice BOTH Doug and Cal holding Red's reigns. He was not wanting Jae to get off for some reason. :)

Hooo-wheee! Barely made it down....

"Man am I ever glad that's over."

What's up with Squanto?

My very favorite peeps in the whole world.       ....And one adorable yet funky-lookin' dog.

Doug's very favorite peeps in the whole world.     ....And one adorable yet funky-lookin' dog.

I had to add this one too because Jae and Squanto had the same expression on their faces! :D

Have a beautiful Thursday!!!


  1. I wanna ride the horsey! You wouldn't know it from the looks of me, but I am quite the horse back rider! I loved Jae's face when she got down, too funny! And did I ever tell you that Squanto looks just like my dog, Alaska? Any who, I've been enjoying your posts, but I don't always have the chance to comment. Keep em coming Gorgeous Lady!

  2. Great pictures! Oh my gosh...your daughter's face is priceless after she made it off the horse.

    So sweet :)

  3. @ M-Dubbs~ Really?! Well you never cease to amaze me! We'll have to go riding sometime with the whole fam damily! That would be awesome!!! And no way, you have an American Eskimo too? Or is Squanto so badly in need of being groomed that he just looks like an entirely different breed?? Haha, j/k. ;D

    You are so sweet to me, and I completely understand; sometimes it's all I can do to hurry and read someone's post, but I feel like I'd rather do a good thorough read of it than skim through just so I can leave a comment when I'm pressed for time. It's only fair to the writers! You are awesome. Thank you and I will DEF keep them rollin' right along. :)

  4. @ Dweej~ Aww, thanks girly! I know, I was SO stoked when I looked at the pics to see that I had such a great example of her relief. Poor grill, I felt so badly for her because she was so brave and then silly Red had to go and get all spunktified! ;D Ah well, gotta get back on the horse! LOL ...meh

  5. Squanto!! Too cute! Almost as cute as your family is gorgeous, Eden! Loved the photos and it made me miss the horses I grew up with. I love Jae's expression after she got off the horse and it was clearly acting up. Whew!

    The good thing is, that all that adrenalin that comes with horse back riding is addictive. I'll be she gets back on!

  6. Aw! I love horses! And these pictures were great and fun! Your kids look so brave riding these huge animals...I love the dismount picture. Don't you love when they decide to get frisky for no apparent reason. Good times!

    Oh, and your family is beautiful :)

  7. Ahem!! Now you KNOW I think your family is fabulously fantastic, that Dougeee is Man Dime stud of the century.,,, but,, but,, but,,

    THAT "CAL" IS LOOKIN HOT IN THOSE JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does he like 50 year old women with three kids in college, no cowboy boots, wranglers or even a big belt buckle?? Cuz,, woooEEEE.. LOL, he's a hot tomale!!

    Ok, ok,, I know,, this is about the sweet children. Ok, I'll play.. yes, adorable,, the piccies are really sweet!! Right down to the fabulous doggie! Love it! What a fun way to pass an evening. So so happy you take photos - gotta have the photos! Have a great weekend ee

    Is he married?.. oh,, eh,,err,,oops

  8. Jaeden is so stinking cute! That is why the horse didn't want her to get off. He was frisky cause he wanted to run away with her. :) I miss that girl to pieces. Oh my gosh and I love the first pic of Wessy with the horse, they have the same exact cool confident facial expression. ;D (Btw, sorry but your dog is as ugly as it is mean. I hate that dang thing and I can't believe you still have it! Sisters before misters man! Especially hairy misters with wild eyes! I have NEVER before been bit by an animal except this little freak...What? You think he's a good judge of character? LOL) ;D just messin' with ya. I do miss your Sequoia though. :) Now HE is a cool dog, he may have a little ADHD but I love him anyway. ;D haha Love you sis!

  9. Such great pictures! I'm scared of horses (to ride them), but your kids are very brave!


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