Sunday, June 19, 2011


Copyright: Eden E. Hopper, June 2011

 To a god not my Own I was bound and addicted
My spirit was lost and it constantly shifted

The soft chains consumed me, they dragged me around
And kept me from standing upon solid ground

Then one day my pride and my false god ran out
Leaving feelings that others “knew nothing about”

Life seemed so confusing, relentlessly cruel
I saw my reflection as merely a fool

I remember that day, when I hit bottom rock
My true God stood just through the door and He knocked…

I swore off rebelliousness “once and for all!”
And promised to follow Him, never to fall

And then I remember, just after I swore
That again and again, I would close the Lord’s door

With hardly a thought I fell back into sin…
Yet He patiently knocked: “My child, please let Me in”

I felt—(and I still feel)—ill-matched to the task
My proud heart was humbled. And finally I asked,

“My dear Lord, I know now I can’t do this alone
I’m hurt. I’m so sorry. Please carry me home.”

I remember how joyous I felt in due time
Life no longer battled with reason and rhyme

I know now, with His help I can take anything
With the guidance and comfort His sweet Spirit brings

There are times I still falter, let go of His hand
And feel I’m inclined to end where I began…

So help me remember when I’ve fallen down
Remember He’ll pick me right up off the ground

Remember my Father who loves me so dear
He wants me to love, with an absence of fear

And Remember.… He’s knocking. He’s always right here.

 This poem was written and posted in response to a prompt on Lightening & the Lightening Bug's new "Dare to Share" linkup: Personal Poems. The instructions were as follows:

This week's theme? Personal Poems. Link up one of your poems that is personal in nature, whether it be about you or a person or event in your life.


  1. How easily we forget that He is near and ready to listen..and guide us.

    Beautiful poem; thank you for sharing!

  2. You beautiful wonderful lady!!

    My sentiments all wrapped up in your eloquence.

    Thank you; and hug,, oh what the heck,,, KISS dougeeeee for meeeeee!
    Happy FAthers day - I happen to know he's cream of the crop!!


  3. Great poem, Eden! You have such a lyrical voice in your poetry. The words just fit together perfectly. But even more than the fitting words of this poem, I love the message.

    Thanks for linking up! You're an amazing writer!

  4. You are amazing, sis. That is my favorite poem yet I've heard of yours, and that's saying something! You know, I have all of Dad's unbelievable poetry and with yours and mine (not that I'm as amazingly talented as you two)...but we should make a book lady! Love you! Tell Doug I said happy dad's day! :)

  5. That was so good!! I agree with Katie, I love the message!

  6. Eden-

    I just want you to know that you made my morning!

    Thanks for visiting my Musings!


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