Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Cookie Lady Strikes Again! (So this is Vol. 2)


Do any of you remember the Cookie Lady post? It was Volume 1 (of what should be many, many volumes... but don't worry, it still will be; of that I am absolutely sure) and it was based on the original story that started it all.

Started what all? you ask...

Well, The Cookie Lady is the story of the time I created kind of a domino effect of social blunders so badly skillfully that my husband dubbed the event with an actual title

A title with which he can recount the event with dashing wit and hilarity to anyone within earshot at other potentially social-blunder-worthy gatherings (such as parties, family dinners, etc, etc.) 

And the worst part of it all? He has absolutely no need for exaggeration. And everyone loves it.

Probably because knowing me, they know it MUST be true.

Anyway. The title of my gargantuan silly little blunder became: "The Cookie Lady." 

(And yes, I just made the name a link for the 3rd time. That means if you haven't clicked on it to read it yet, I'm hoping eventually you will. Because then you will understand what the heck it is I am talking about.)

(You're welcome.)

SO. Getting to the point of tonight's post: 

Apparently, being injured, pregnant, and currently sick with strep throat (my name is Eden and I'm a die-hard multitasker,) is not enough to keep me down.

No, I still find a way--there has to be a way--to do something goofy in public. Even when it's from the virtual safety of my warm, cozy bed... via? My laptop.

Yes, in fact, this last particular blunder occurred just yesterday. Give up?

Okay, I'll tell you. I wrote yesterday's post all about how I had secretly hoped that there was someone - just anyone - out there who would notice that I had returned to the blog world from a long term of uncharacteristic silence. 

But it was like the Twilight Zone out there! It didn't appear that there was even one, single, person, who noticed. 

And so I chastised myself for having unrealistic expectations. And rightly so! But still...

Well, the point is, as I was typing away, I kept getting this nagging little thought: 

Hey Self, (which is what I usually call myself when I think to my... self...) 

...remember when you had a hormone-induced spaz attack and freaked out because that friend of your creepy ex-boyfriend found you on Facebook and you turned all your internet settings to totally private and probably even made your blog readers' comments have to 'await moderation'? 

So as we can plainly see, the coherent thought was, indeed, there.

But alas, I tend to ramble. Even in my head. And so, as is often the case, I just ended up... ignoring myself. :)

But guess what. GUESS. WHAT?! 

Yup, you guessed it! People were listening!

Not one, but TWO of my dearest blogger friends (Froggers)...

(Froggers of the greatest kind!)

...wrote me comments on my very first welcome back post! DUuuuUH! 

Their names are Sar (as in Sarah) and Jen (as in... Jen) :) and  now you can totally take a quick trip back and read their comments from my 2 previous posts, here and here.

(Or better yet? Click on their names to check out their blogs - trust me, neither will disappoint. They are both truly froggers of the greatest kind.)

Anyway I don't know why I didn't get notifications in my email inbox. Hopefully, after tonight's quick revamp of my Google security settings, the matter will be resolved.

And so my whole soapbox rant about letting go of expectations and all that? Well, it's still true. 

But it sure feels good to know someone was listening after all. :D

And on that note, I have an official announcement to make:

Out of sheer relief eternal gratitude, I am going to do my first two official Sposts (Spotlight+Posts, for those of you who haven't yet mastered my random vernacular) on both of these wonderful girls.

And in the meantime, I have prepared a little photo montage for your viewing pleasure... juuuust in case you really wanted to laugh at me ...but you felt so sorry for me that you weren't quite sure you had the heart:

Whether you're young...

Or a little older than that...

Whether you're culturally diversified...

Or maybe just a simple primate...

(What? You thought I was going to make this rhyme? You did, didn't you?)

Whether you are three attractive 
yet completely generic women 
in white casual wear? 
workout clothes? 
...with really white teeth who are sitting? 
...on a really white couch? 
...for whatever reason Heaven only knows...

Or even if you are just an incredibly expressive feline...

Laughing at things you read is fun.
Laughing at things you read is fun.

And if that doesn't make you laugh, just come back tomorrow.

Or maybe the next day. 

Because sooner or later the Cookie Lady will strike, yet again. Of that I have no doubt.


  1. Haha! Hope you get your technical difficulties resolved soon.
    You are the sweetest...thank you so much for your kind words :)

  2. hahaha, dude, I totally agree, I hate the date thing cause our DNA totally keeps us up late. I truly want to break myself of the habit but here I am while my whole entire family sleeps, blogging at almost 1 in the morning. Someone help me! Curse our father. lol ;D jk Well anyway, can't wait to see the next Cookie Lady incident. Didn't you have another one at my house this Christmas? I can't remember specifically (forgive me but there are too many airheaded moments of ours that jumble together). Anyway, now that Kyler is awake I have a REAL excuse to be up in the middle of the night. haha love ya

  3. Jen ~ Thank you it appears the wrinkles have all been smoothed out! :)

    Aspy ~ I know, we are all totally messed up kids, products of a true night owl. ;) Oh well. Look on the bright side - at least we can blame someone other than ourselves!

    And now my curiosity is piqued. I am SURE there was another Cookie Lady incident at your Christmas Party... but what was it??? :D Hahaha now I must wait on the edge of my seat until Doug wakes up and I can ask him. I promise to keep them all public knowledge! :D Love you too


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