Friday, January 13, 2012

The Evening Spost: Sarah from Life of Love

Wow this is so fun! I think this Sposting business is going to get really addictive, really fast. I LOVE telling awesome people about other awesome people!! In fact I've decided to call my weekly victims spotlighted friends "Spost Stars." Because they are stars, and stars come out in the evening, which is when I finally get around to posting every day...

Do I like to make up names too much?

Anyway. Tonight's Spost blogger Sar - as in Sarah -is a superstar. In fact, I am having trouble concentrating on my blog because I keep getting so blissfully lost in hers!  

So I'd better start with the basics to get a good foothold... in her own words:

I'm a mid-20s PhD student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Baylor University [sounds a lot fancier than it is]. 

[Don't listen to her. It is so totally fancy.]

From northwestern Washington but now living in Central Texas, I recycle about 100x more than the average person in a three-mile radius. I believe in full-embracing hugs, love for all, jumping photos, singing in the car as loud as possible, and giving compliments to strangers.

I know. How could you not like her already? And now for what I know about Sar: 

Sarah is one absolutely gorgeous human being, inside and out. Seriously, she can grab a quick shot of herself with her iPhone ...on the run the middle of the day... and come out looking like a cross between someone famously beautiful (think Jennifer Aniston meets Julia Roberts) and someone who has lifelong best friend written all over them (again, think... Jennifer meets Julia.) You know what I mean? She is that (like-ably) pretty.

She's also hilariously funny, out-of-this-world intelligent (did I mention she teaches some sort of grown-ups' math, the name of which I can't even remember... let alone pronounce?) incredibly gifted, generous, thoughtful, loving and kind. The list goes on. (Do I sound like I'm gushing? Because honestly, I'm toning it down here.)

Running into a combination like that would usually send most girls running to the ladies' room (you know, to fix their makeup and whisper hateful loathings out of the corners of their mouths...) but if those same girls met Sar? It is impossible to imagine them doing anything but racing home to their computers or whipping out their smartphones, so that they too could start following her blog ...and filling up their lives with all that awesomeness.

Sound too good to be true? Well, let's do some quick research and see if you can prove me wrong. :) 

First and foremost, although I didn't ask, I'm pretty sure Sar's favorite word in the English language is "LOVE." (If it's not her very favorite, it has to be in her Top 10.) You can find the word love three times just within her URL! And the name of her blog, if you haven't jumped over there yet, is Life of Love.

Next let's do some simple clicking around. On her pages tabs, she introduces you to her two closest confidantes, her boyfriend Nick and her adorable kitty cat Chloe. The fact that she and Nick are total soulmates is easy to see, when you find out more about who he is (read that one for sure if you skip over any others; it is a must-read. Hello better world!) and watch their first "V-Log" and see how funny and cute (and so NOT obnoxious!) they are together

Then if you delve a little deeper into her favorite posts tab, you will find that she is also equally enamored of not one, but both of ...her parents. A joyful rarity in today's world. And you'll find that they feel just the same (of course) about her, when you catch her "Mama Bear" leaving her comments, and her Dad posing with her in several jumping photos (her favorite kind, remember.) 

You will also find that Sar is super socially conscious. Okay, not only does this girl recycle like a madwoman, but she also has beef with irresponsible people who seemingly forgot they are raising precious, God-given human beings. Rock on, Sar! And to top it off, she is very wise for her relatively young age.

[Not to divert, but I just totally linked the HECK out of this post, yo! I expect some serious clicking going on from your end.]

But even with all that conscientiousness... [wow not to divert once more, but I totally just spelled that right on the first try. I know!] ...there is a carefree, easygoing side to Sar, where she lets her hair down and tells you lots of random stuff that is equally as enjoyable, like her fabulous Thursday Thoughts. And the best part? She's recently made this a link-up. So from now on we can all join her! 

Seriously, join her. You won't regret it. I know I am starting tonight. (Even though by the time I'm done with this Spost it will technically be Friday. Betcha she totally understands.)

So, by now you're probably wondering: Hey Eden... What about that special little interview question you asked last night's Spost Star

OK, a quick recap on the rules first; the secret to what it's all supposed to mean. It's supposed to be some kind of insightful personality test (found in Cosmo or Redbook or something when I was like 20 yrs old) where you ask someone what their favorite animal is, and 5 reasons why. And their answers are supposed to show what a person really loves about themselves.

Well, because I was trying to mix things up (since these Sposts were back-to-back,) I actually asked Sar what her favorite flower was... not realizing at the time that I was going to have to change Jen's to a flower too. :) [Phew! Long explanation. Just ignore me and go with  it.] 

Sar's answer?

I love baby's breath. That's weird, right? I love it for multiple reasons: it's neutral (who doesn't love white flowers?), it's inexpensive (graduate student budget-friendly!), and when it dies, it is still usable decoration! I love how popular it is becoming in wedding decor due to the reasons above.

[Hmmm. After much deliberation, I have decided I just might start asking a different interview question. Well, maybe.] So. I'm going to take a sort of carte blanche with this one and just interpret away:

Neutral/white - This means that Sar sees herself as both pure in heart and a soothing presence, as well as adaptable to just about any situation.

Inexpensive/budget friendly - This means that Sar is probably pretty easy on Nick's wallet when they go out and stuff. (Yes, deep, I know.)

Still usable when it dies - OMG, AHH! (Think, Eden, think!) ...Oh wait, I know. I know. This just shows how very much our darling Sarah cares for the world and everyone in it. She hopes to make a difference in every life she touches, and leave behind a legacy of love. (And I have no doubt she will.) You know, like Mother Teresa. Or Elvis.

Wedding decor friendly - Something is tugging at the corners of my brain... whiteness and wedding bells... Um, hello, does this one need interpretation? ;) 

So I pressed a little further for another reason or two... and got this response:

Two more things?! You can only love a flower for so many reasons! 

[Oh my gosh Sar I beg to differ! So humble you don't even know when you're being humble. ;D ] 

How about it goes with everything (white matches all!) and that it looks beautiful in a bouquet or in a few strands by itself?

Perfect! My interpretation:

Goes with everything - Another hint at her brilliant ability to adapt and evolve...

And Looks beautiful in a bouquet or by itself  - Obvious meaning, goes without saying. 
But we can even take this a step further and say that Sar loves everyone around her and also - which is SO important - she loves herself. I think Christlike qualities are a great way to round off a Spost about a blogger who lives a Life of Love, don't you?


  1. I'm not sure I totally understand this sposting stuff. Explain it to me? And yes, she is def beautiful. That was a mid-day random photo? Really? Lucky girl. And her educational/job description sound mucho fancy fo sho! Pretty AND smart! Double whammy! Go girl! haha okay I try to pull that off in person and it doesn't work...does it work in type? lol

  2. Haha it totally works in type. Word to your motha! And just go up to the "Spost Stars" page at the top and there's a semi-condensed explanation of it all. ;D Because you know I can't really condense something FULLY. xoxo

  3. OHMYGOSH. You are the sweetest person in the entire world. I cannot wait to share this on my blog.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the kind words!

  4. Thanks, Eden! You did an admirable job of capturing the essense of Sarah. Wait a minute, that sounds like a perfume, doesn't it? Love this blog idea...keep it up!

  5. Aw you guys are totally, totally welcome. :) I meant every word, who wouldn't? And I feel so honored to have a comment on MY blog from Mama Bear! ;D I gave myself a high-five (haha hubby's asleep - graveyard shift - and kids think I'm crazy, so I try to keep random high-fives to myself.)

    And also? I'm really glad I got you in my inbox just now, because I came back and reread it all... only to realize that I need to edit out like maybe 25 or so excess exclamation marks! (See?! Case in point.) Hmmm... I think I drank Mt Dew that day? From here on I'll have to be more cautious of its exclamation-mark-inducing effects. :D But so glad you loved it anyway!

  6. OK done. Exclamation marks are actually very much like Mt. Dew in that way: Best when used in moderation. ;) Lesson learned.

    Which reminds me - did you ever read my post about Mt. Dew last year?

    It's a pretty insightful look into what can happen if you're not careful. :) Be advised, kids.

  7. First, I love your new header!
    Second, I'm so behind in blogging...YIKES!!
    Third, she sounds awesome! After I'm done here, I'm going to check her out :)

    1. Thank you Jen! You guys are both so awesome I am honored to be the one to introduce you. :) And thank you! I love that my dad took the photo. Still messing around with the text on it tonight and came up with the lighter color to brighten it up a bit. What do you think?


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