Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Updates Totally Trump Theme Titles :)

Hey my sweet sweet friends, everyone out there who was witness to my gigantic panic attack disguised as a blog post yesterday...

I have THE happiest of news - 

After I hit "publish" yesterday afternoon, I went about my daily tasks for a while but then did something I do a lot (go figure, remember I've got OCDemons yelling at me all day.) I jumped onto my blog from my phone to re-read what I'd screamed out loud for all the world to see what I'd written.

And I came to the part about Weston's heart tests... and thought, "Oh, my gosh. WAIT. I think... those were in January! Could it be??? If they were, and if  they were expensive enough [irony of all ironies] then that means that his leftover deductible is much smaller!

[I know, insurance jargon is almost as confusing as medspeak. Sorry. I'll take it easy on the jargon.]

...Anyway, I'm sure you can guess by now that, YUP! His heart tests had, in fact, been performed on the 4th (which, incidentally, is my lucky number!) of January. 

-- And get this -- 

Originally the tests had been scheduled for the end of December, so they would have fallen under last year, thus removing any impact on this year's deductible... 

But he had gotten a bad cough and we had had to reschedule so that he could be over the cough and hold still during the tests

* <> * <> * <> * MIRACLE! * <> * <> * <> *


We were able to make his down payment after all, because the heart test bill was enough to make his remaining deductible affordable.

Oh, my, GOSH. I feel so sheepish now. 

Most especially for the simple fact that I seem to have forgotten to let go and put my trust in the Lord

How am I so fragile that I could still ever, ever, EVER forget to do that? He has saved me countless times before; why would He stop now? 

"He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." 
                                  (1st Nephi 10:18)

So how could I forget?

Artwork: "In His Constant Care" by Greg Olsen

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, thank you. 

And thank you loved ones who offered your encouragement and prayers!

Tonight, instead of heartache and worry, my tears are for joy and gratitude.

Wessee is now officially going in for his surgery at 7:15 Monday morning. 

Photo by my amazing sister, Aspen


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Megan! Miracles are the stuff that awe is made of. No matter how many times they occur, like a new life, the season of Spring, or a transformation... they never get mundane or even predictable. Thank you for leaving me a comment!

  2. Holy cow!! SO glad to hear that!!! The Lord is amazing, isn't he? He's always got our back.
    P.S. Hope your popsicles and ice cream are ok from the thaw...he'll need those when he's recovering!

    1. Haha Jen you hit the nail on the head, holy cow is right! ;D I seriously just about passed out when I realized the possibility... but since it was after hours I had to exercise some SUPER overnight faith til I could call around in the a.m.

      Yes indeed, He has ALWAYS got our backs. Well said. I love my Savior!!!! :)

      And as for the popsicles, I hope so, too... guess I can go check them now. My only consolation is that they were at least cold so not unsafe. I'm thinking that even though they were sadly misshapen I can always cut them up into a bowl and let him spoon little bites to suck on. :/ I hope.


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