Monday, January 23, 2012

Mute for Motech Monday

In honor of Weston's tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy today, I am going to post a few pics with very minimal descriptions. I'm trying to get him to keep from talking... so I have to be a good example. ;)

But just so you know, he did very well. And the motech we're highlighting tonight... can be seen rather than heard. I mean, can you even believe that we live in a time when you can take photographs with a phone? Enough said.

Wessee and His Bestie Pal from Grandma & Grandpa Hopper, "Bronco-ee."
(He made up that name all by himself. I know! Precious boy.)
"Look, Mommy! This is my last day with tonsils."

He was enthralled with the pre-op details & instructions.

"I can see them after you take them out? Cooool... Hey! Um, can I still have dreams of spiky dinosaurs that are nice and eat plants, when I am asleep at my surgery?"

Weston in his recovery room,
quite possibly dreaming about spiky dinosaurs who are nice and eat plants.

The zebra is his new get-well buddy (from Mommy & Daddy,) "Zip" (also a Wessee original name,)
with a special black felt blanket Jae made just for him.

The medical staff thought it was so sweet, they actually
let him keep him snuggled through the whole operation.

Zip has not left his side since. What a good pal.

"Whooaa. How did they get the IV in there?"
(That's one of his nurses. They kept saying how "stinkin' cute" he is.
Our little heartbreaker!)

A superhuman attempt at a postoperative smile. Poor baby. :'(

Jae's young Miss Vanna White impression,
showing off all the stuff she bought Wes to snack on.
(Some nice mild mac 'n' cheeses, strawberry Simply Gogurt, jello cups, and Vienna sausages.)
(We also added Grandma & Grandpa Casey's gift: a marshmallow shooter.)

A hug for his sweet big sister.
"Thank you, Den-Den. Can I eat these now, Mommy?"

He was apparently starving, and ate 4 whole-fruit popsicles, 2 cans of sausages, a bowl of thin mint ice cream, a Gogurt, and a glass of strawberry Instant Breakfast.

Between him and preggo-mom, it was mega munchy time!  

A rare break from a 6-hour marathon of "Eon Kid" and other Netflix wonders,
to build and decorate his new marshmallow shooter.
We are so proud of you big boy! 
You are a tough cookie and 
we love you soooo much.
Get well soon!


  1. So glad everything went smoothly. It sounds like you guys were in snack heaven ;)

    1. Thanks Jen! It means a lot that you checked in on us. And we were, for sure. :)


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