Friday, January 13, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday (or is it Friday Now?) v.1

Long time no see! Okay, I was just here, I admit it. I got really into my Sposts on Jen, and then on Sar and somehow I felt an overwhelming compulsion 
a deep-seated need 
a simple urge to write another post entirely about me

Just kidding! As totally believable as the above may seem (that I am narcissistic and have spotlight envy,) the truth is actually that Sar has created a link-up for her Thursday Thoughts she does every ...Thursday.

[Do I write just to see my words in black and white?]

[...Wait. I'm totally using that in a song. COPYRIGHT! Done.] 

[Okay the brackets are getting out of hand and I'm using up all my random brain spaz stuff before I even start!]

Oh... I can tell I'm gonna be good at this.
Okay. Is it weird that I texted our landlord to tell him the water heater seemed to be acting funky, like the hot water wasn't lasting as long as it used to, but I could be wrong (and it's never had problems before)... and then he texted me right back saying his plumber will be here tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. with a brand new one? 
...Am I missing something? 
He is super nice... but a brand-new water heater, with nary a systems check (or whatever you call a once-over on an old water heater)? 
I'm thinking tax rebate. Super nice landlord, but definitely tax rebate as well. Right?

Speaking of our super nice landlord, he drove by the other day and texted me then, too. 
I guess Squanto our wonder-dog (who is not the smartest but totally makes up for it with love) 
chased his truck and almost made him run him over. 
We usually let Squanto out back with Sequoia, where he digs his rebellious little body under the fence and eventually makes the rounds to the front, where we let him back in again. 
Well obviously that's not happening anymore, Squanto! 
Seriously?! Twenty pounds of white fluff versus a one-ton pickup? 
And we say our dogs are like humans with fur. 
Yeah, maybe insane furry humans, who think they are invincible! Sheesh.

I am so proud of Jae. She is the world's best big sister! 
Today when Wessee was completely heartbroken that one of his little kindergarten buddies didn't want to play (can't post on it; wouldn't be able to see the screen through all the tears!)...
Jaeden gave him her phone to play games on for a while, closed her bedroom door 
...and created a "seven-station play center" for him to do with her! 
There was hopscotch, a beanbag toss, prizes, etc. Even a Pixos center!
I wish my camera were anywhere to be found at the time... 
or that I'd used my head and snapped a pic with my phone (8 MP's, duh!) 
But the memory of it will be forever treasured in the photo album of my heart.

Did you know we only have one car? We made the brilliant 
unique decision to trade in our 4-Runner (goodbye, baby! Mommy misses you SO, MUCH! Even if you were really bouncy and jolty and made my back scream with every stinkin' bump... I loved you so!) 
and our little broken-down Corolla together as a package deal...
for a newer, much cleaner and lower-mileaged... 
(mileaged is not a word, I know, but now it is.) 
...Dodge Intrepid.
I know what you fellow Toyota lovers are thinking. And I hear ya! 
Toyota for Dodge? 
Two Toyotas for a Dodge?
I actually reeeally LOVE this car though. 
Granted, it can't hold our two fuzzy boys (the afore-mentioned 20-lb Squanto and 130-lb Sequoia) 
in the back with the whole family at the same time, 
or take us camping where no park ranger can charge us 18 bucks. 
But it is a good, solid car. It is wide enough for a baby seat to fit between our two other seat hogs / kids.
And it is ooohhhh so comfy on my pregnant, injured spine. 
In fact, if it were home more often 
(i.e., if it weren't our only car and it if weren't gone with Doug to work most hours of the day,) 
I would totally go out to the freezing cold garage just to SIT... in all its splendid, couch-y, loveliness.

I love applesauce. I really love applesauce with cinnamon and Chai spice on top. 
(Yep, I said "Chai." Read #6!) 
In fact, I think I'll eat some in a minute. 
And I can, because when you're pregnant, you have to listen to what your body says. 
Even if it says "chocolate macadamia clusters" 
"Famous Star, no onion, no cheese, extra pickle." 
Disgusting, I know. 
But I am a good listener. So this is going to be one healthy baby!

Speaking of which, did you know there even was a Chai spice?
Like the kind of spice you can put in your spice rack? 
When I find my camera I'll upload a pic for you if you don't believe me. 
I found it one time by kismet, totally spazzed out and bought it, because I LOVE CHAI. 
And being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the only tea we drink is herbal... 
so when I converted as a 20-something adult, I gave up my beloved Chai. 
I mourned.
And Starbucks stock went down a whole point that week (or so I heard.)
Anyway, then the other day I discovered an even greater invention than the spice:
 Oregon Chai (the very best Chai brand in the whole wide world,) actually makes an herbal version now!
I think it's a sign from God that He understands. 
Because I bet He loves Chai, too.
After all, hello! Herbal version? God created it.
Maybe just for me.

Speaking of totally custom-made miracles...
I quit working during my first trimester, for all sorts of reasons but mostly because we knew it was the right thing for our family, regardless of how difficult it might be.
(Whoa. Now I know why we weren't born with the ability to see our own futures. We might run screaming!)
And, it's been difficult. To say the least. But totally, totally worth it.
Anyway, there have been countless miracles all along the way, but here is just one example:
And it might seem silly, but trust me, it's not.
The Bra Extender: $1 at the Dollar Tree.
Girls, when you inhereted your Nana's ...womanly shape? 
And loved it because you had curves in all the right places? 
For a time? 
For a relatively small time?
Well, for some reason being pregnant for you, dear "lucky," shapely girls, will hurt
Because those womanly curves will grow. 
And grow. And then grow some more. 
And hence, you will buy bra after ever-loving bra
until you can afford it no longer...
And then you will weep, and wail, and gnash your teeth, 
and then collapse in a sobbing heap while your hubby tiptoes out of the room...
And then you will pray silently for a miracle...
And then you will take your kids to the dollar store for dealing so well with your insanity behaving...
And spot it hanging from a random shelf next to window clings and purse hangers...
The Bra Extender: 3-pack for 1 dollar.


  1. Thanks for your comments, Eden! I love your writing style. I laughed all the way through the "dollar store bra extender" explanation! I am a fairly new blogger, so I am just getting my feet wet :) It's great to meet new people and make connections with each other. I'll definitely listen to your music suggestions! Happy Friday :)

  2. Welcome to the awesomeness that is Oregon Chai! It's my fave.

    Woot woot for sposts soon!

  3. I LOVE your Thursday Thoughts, Eden! =) And yes, I call it 'coke' too. Not from SoCal, but I am from Washington. Although now that I think about it, my parents are from SoCal, so if I learned it from them, that would make sense. =)

    New follower - yay!

    megs [at] Shine On

  4. hahahhahaha Eden, you crack me up. Out of those comments all I have to say is 1-Your "little white dog" is big stupid and if I were pure evil I'd wish your landlord had run over him. But I'm only semi-evil so I'm glad he's okay. ;D 2-Jaeden is the most kick-A awesome little girl on the planet and I love her so much it makes my chest hurt. I can't stand how big she is...but she is so cool I can't help but being okay with how quickly she is growing. Wessee is one lucky little dude. 3-Applesauce is bomb, especially for us sick prego people. 4-LOL your bra break down can only truly be appreciated by the other inheriter of Nana's boobs. ;D LOL and I fully appreciate the break down and the moment the heavens opened at the dollar store. hahaha I love you sis! You crack me up.

  5. I can honestly say, I've never heard of the bra extender! So glad you found it on the cheap! And Chai spice? Sounds awesome. Enjoy your new car!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments, I love them and wait eagerly to find them in my inbox! For some reason I thought I'd responded to all of you on this post... perhaps when I switched my comments settings to "embedded" (in order to have the "reply" feature) it erased mine? That or my memory erased itself haha. Most likely the latter, much as I'd like to blame technology. Thanks again so much and hugs and blessings to you all!


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