Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twoo Wuv on a Wednesday

So I've realized that Blogger puts up the date of each post, based on the time of night it is when I hit "publish." I guess maybe I already knew this on some level, but...

But dude. Whose genius idea was that?! 

(Hmmm. Obviously a morning person's.)

And this can cause a little bit of a problem for someone like me. No, seriously! Because now my posts might not end up being dated as the same day I wrote them!!! 

Like last night's, which says I posted it today (Wednesday) since it was after midnight (Tuesday).

Ohhhh! Nooooo!

(Ummm, Readers? I'd like you to meet Eden's Moderately-to-Severely Crippling Case of  OCD...) 
(OCD? These are my Faithful Readers Who Will Hopefully Try Their Best to Overlook You.)

(And yes, I did notice that you both have abnormally long names.)

Uh-oh. Am I thinking out loud again? I do that sometimes. In fact, my unbelievably patient husband hears me do that (think aloud) every day. And then he often thinks out loud back, which is, ironically, often a very good thing. (Usually.) 

Like tonight, just now as I was typing this, he caught on to my dilemma. 

Knowing how obsessive I am can be, he calmly took my wiggy-ness in stride and mentioned, "Remember what I was telling you? That you can just think of it as 7 posts per week rather than 1 per day? That way it doesn't have to bother you so much if something doesn't work out and you miss a day."

Sighhh. Thank the Dear Lord for sending me Dougee Jim. :) He is my Soul Mate. 

(Can you believe it's been exactly 7 and 1/2 years ago today since he and I first met?! If you didn't read about it last July, and you feel like a reeeeally good true love story click HERE and I'll tell it to you.)

So now you know the reason for the title of today's post.* 

It's because I was just sitting here feeling soooo thankful, because I am one of the lucky few who has True Love. And today is Wednesday! Thus, "Twoo Wuv on a Wednesday." Two seemingly totally unrelated facts, brought together by the twisted mind of a neurotic, exhausted, and yet blissfully happy pregnant lady. 

*(Yes, today's post. I will be hitting "publish" within the next 2 minutes, 7 seconds, in order to beat the clock this time. Despite the soothing effect of Doug's voice on my spastic neurons.)


  1. Haha! Oh Eden, it sounds like your husband is a perfect match for you. And a little OCD is good for us all ;)

  2. I agree w you Jen, on every count! He is perfect for me and I heart OCD too! ;D

  3. You know you can change the time and date, right? Sometimes I post-date a blog so that it will come up two days after I wrote it, just in case I want to delete it or I'm going on vacation and won't be right by the computer but I want a post tocome up at a certain time. And woah baby, that was a run-on sentence.

    Happy day!

  4. Sar! You are a lifesaver. :) I totally changed my time to Pacific (which is the Homeland anyway, hello!) and it fixed the WHOLE problem. You? Are a genius. ;D And no one understands run-on sentences better than yours truly.


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