Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introducing: Made with Love... and OCD

Hey friends! The non-writing saga continues; as it turns out, waiting on a postoperative, painful and feverish 5-year-old boy is quite the undertaking. He is a wonderful, sweet patient though, and I love him more with every minute. 

I really wouldn't rather be doing ANYthing else. Even writing! And that is saying a lot, as you must already well know.

However, while I was waiting for his fever to go down at like 4 a.m. this morning, I got a wild notion to go ahead and put together the new blog I've been dreaming of doing for Jaeden and myself. I haven't posted on it yet, of course, but I did succeed in creating the URL, banner, and blog description. 

So, I thought the least I can do for all of you, my countless starving fans, (don't laugh, one day that could be true!) is give you the link. That way you can get something out of visiting today. Hope you like it!

We called our new blog "Made with Love... and OCD."

So the following is a picture of what the banner looks like, but we'd absolutely love, love, love it, if you would please... 

click the link above, the picture below, or RIGHT HERE you could step on over and follow us and/or subscribe. Jae is SO excited to have her first blog. And we promise to do our best to make it worth your while.

Besides, who could resist hearing about the crafty adventures of not one, but two "cookie ladies"? I didn't think so. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elevator Music Rocks My World!

The title? ...I dunno. Don't ask. ;)
It's another phone post tonight... but not because my laptop is stuck elsewhere. It's simply because I procrastinated writing today and then tonight Wessee began to really have a hard time from his tonsillectomy. Poor baby, I think he caught a throat virus. Mine's been sore all day and he has a fever and cough. He's on antibiotics and his pain medication will cool him off (I hope,) but he's miserable. :'(
So, this little phone post - along with this sweet little stop-and-think-a-second poster I photographed at my mom's office - is the bloggorific equivalent of elevator/hold music.
Something like that. Can you feel me? ...No? Oh well that's probably best, for your sake.
Enjoy the cartoon & I'll see you manyana! No really. I'll do my very best to honor my Commitment Renewal Against Procrastinating. Or, "CRAP." Catchy, don't you think?
Like hold music. Or a virus.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mute for Motech Monday

In honor of Weston's tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy today, I am going to post a few pics with very minimal descriptions. I'm trying to get him to keep from talking... so I have to be a good example. ;)

But just so you know, he did very well. And the motech we're highlighting tonight... can be seen rather than heard. I mean, can you even believe that we live in a time when you can take photographs with a phone? Enough said.

Wessee and His Bestie Pal from Grandma & Grandpa Hopper, "Bronco-ee."
(He made up that name all by himself. I know! Precious boy.)
"Look, Mommy! This is my last day with tonsils."

He was enthralled with the pre-op details & instructions.

"I can see them after you take them out? Cooool... Hey! Um, can I still have dreams of spiky dinosaurs that are nice and eat plants, when I am asleep at my surgery?"

Weston in his recovery room,
quite possibly dreaming about spiky dinosaurs who are nice and eat plants.

The zebra is his new get-well buddy (from Mommy & Daddy,) "Zip" (also a Wessee original name,)
with a special black felt blanket Jae made just for him.

The medical staff thought it was so sweet, they actually
let him keep him snuggled through the whole operation.

Zip has not left his side since. What a good pal.

"Whooaa. How did they get the IV in there?"
(That's one of his nurses. They kept saying how "stinkin' cute" he is.
Our little heartbreaker!)

A superhuman attempt at a postoperative smile. Poor baby. :'(

Jae's young Miss Vanna White impression,
showing off all the stuff she bought Wes to snack on.
(Some nice mild mac 'n' cheeses, strawberry Simply Gogurt, jello cups, and Vienna sausages.)
(We also added Grandma & Grandpa Casey's gift: a marshmallow shooter.)

A hug for his sweet big sister.
"Thank you, Den-Den. Can I eat these now, Mommy?"

He was apparently starving, and ate 4 whole-fruit popsicles, 2 cans of sausages, a bowl of thin mint ice cream, a Gogurt, and a glass of strawberry Instant Breakfast.

Between him and preggo-mom, it was mega munchy time!  

A rare break from a 6-hour marathon of "Eon Kid" and other Netflix wonders,
to build and decorate his new marshmallow shooter.
We are so proud of you big boy! 
You are a tough cookie and 
we love you soooo much.
Get well soon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainbow Sprinkles on My Sunday, v.2

Well, now that it's getting nigh on bedtime, I think I'll just give a quick recap* of the fun that was this weekend. We've been getting ready for Weston's surgery, and trying at the same time to distract each other so we don't think about it too much. Kind of an ironic twist of endeavors, but we've done our best, nonetheless.


However, Murphy's Law is no respecter of good reasons or rationale. In fact, Murphy's Law often finds it kind of funny when you make plans, no matter how legitimate your reasons. 

Yep, Murphy LOVES to pop up in your face like a psychopathic, slap-happy jack-in-the-box. I personally think Murphy is the devil. :)

As you may already be aware, Murphy already threw in his awful initial speedbump to this whole operation (no pun intended; I meant Operation Get Wessee & Everything Else Ready for Upheaval, haha.) 

And you are probably more than aware of my other current limitations... 

And the fact that I am doing what I can to look at them more as stepping stones than stumbling blocks.

Well what you might not know is that I am a firm believer in the universal, unavoidable Law of Attraction. That's right folks, you heard it here first: Eden believes in God, the Savior of the world, and the Law of Attraction. :) All at the same time. (I also believe in the Law of Gravity, and all the other fun laws that make up the beautiful mystery of God's plan.)

If you aren't totally familiar with the concept of the Law of Attraction, let me just give you a quickie version for now: If you are feeling yucky/less than grateful/not-so-positive, you just can't force life to bring you very happy results. 

When you feel grateful and totally trusting of the Lord's timing, to the point that you can truly just smile and relax? Well, then things have a miraculous way of working out, just the way they need to.

I've seen it happen so many times, and yet? I seem to remain entirely dependent upon good ol' Murphy and his dumb Law, in order to be reminded of where my attitude needs to be.

[Anyway. My eyes are hanging heavy and we have to get up early, so I'm just gonna spit it out. This post has just been a long, drawn-out and complicated way of saying...]

This weekend my sweet, adorable little sister Aspen invited me to her house for a "pregnant lady's getaway," complete with her delicious home cooking, unlimited soaks in her garden Jacuzzi tub, and manicures, pedicures, movies, you name it. She was even watching my kids while I relaxed, since Doug was working his weekend grave shifts.

Well, I started out the day yesterday with a bad... feeling, and I think, looking back, it was a combination of three things: (1) leftover worry and resistance to faith (boo for me!); (2) physical pain mixed up with pregnancy hormones and discomfort (never a good combo, anyway); and (3) probably just plain old, bona fide gut instinct. Nope, the day just didn't feel like it was going to turn out right.

[Boy, was I ever psychic! I should have started charging money for fortunes, and betting on ball games or something. Hahaha, for anyone who doesn't know me well enough yet... I'm totally joking. Although the thought did cross my mind.] 

[Just kidding again.]

Ahem. Anyway...

[Didn't I say I was just going to spit this story out?]

Okay, the Condensed Version (even though it totally goes against my long-winded grain):

A list of things Murphy threw at us this weekend:

- Realizing my pet hamster Bronco has a UTI and since there is no vet within 100 miles who can see him on a weekend, I'd better bring him with me to make sure he gets plenty of fresh water and stays comfy.

- Arriving finally (about 5 hours late) at my sister's, only to discover that my sweet little nephew is having an allergic reaction to his first baby immunizations.

- An unforeseen lack of both infant Benadryl, and ingredients for pregnancy craving fulfillment cooking.

- An unbelievable amount of time spent at Wal-Mart, looking for the above and also just trying to get through the store while limping like a very old man.

- Getting back to Aspen's with all the stuff we needed, only to realize it was almost time for me to leave and pick up Doug so he could bring me right back on his way in to work (due to only owning one car.)

- Eating the yummiest chili ever (Thank you so much Aspy! That made it ALL worth it!) as fast as humanly possible before I unload all my stuff into the house, kiss my kids goodbye, check on Bronco one more time, and hit the road.

- Driving back home (usually a 20-minute trip) through the craziest, wettest, most slippery snowstorm I've driven through in about 10 years. With bald tires.

- Arriving home about an hour later, frazzled and terrified, after having cussed, yelled, and fought my way through some seriously scary scenarios. (Don't you love alliteration? You can work it in, anywhere. Just for fun.) 

- Freaking out to hubby upon arrival that you will NOT get back into the car and he won't either if he knows what's good for him... then watching pitifully as he backs down the slalom that used to be your driveway, while you wonder if he is going to live through his next hour.

- Staying there at home all night while your kids and your hamster and your computer and your hubby are several towns away. 

- Obviously, not being able to sleep a wink the whole, entire, time.

- Finally falling asleep the next morning at about 5:30 after watching the entire run of "Only Love" on Netflix and sobbing over the ending like a hormonal pregnant lady... which you are...

- And waking up at 9:00 a.m. to the sweet, sweet sounds of your entire family - both hubby and children - chattering happily as they come into the house. 

- Hugging all of them like it's been a solid year apart, checking on Bronco... and then passing back out for another 6 hours straight. Or so. 

So that's a "quick," condensed recap. I am so grateful that Aspen is who she is, because I know she finds the whole thing just as ridiculous and hilarious as I do... and I also know she'll be just as willing to do it all again.

Hope you all had a good weekend? What did everyone else do?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Post with the Most

I'm sending this from my phone cuz my laptop is stuck @ my sister's house... along w/my kids, my favorite pillow, AND my pet hamster...
Intrigued? Muahahaha! Stay tuned 'til tomorrow and I'll give you the hilarious lowdown on how all that could even be possible.
For now, it has been one interesting, exhausting ride tonight. So this will be the post with the most... the most left unsaid, perhaps. ;D Good night!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Updates Totally Trump Theme Titles :)

Hey my sweet sweet friends, everyone out there who was witness to my gigantic panic attack disguised as a blog post yesterday...

I have THE happiest of news - 

After I hit "publish" yesterday afternoon, I went about my daily tasks for a while but then did something I do a lot (go figure, remember I've got OCDemons yelling at me all day.) I jumped onto my blog from my phone to re-read what I'd screamed out loud for all the world to see what I'd written.

And I came to the part about Weston's heart tests... and thought, "Oh, my gosh. WAIT. I think... those were in January! Could it be??? If they were, and if  they were expensive enough [irony of all ironies] then that means that his leftover deductible is much smaller!

[I know, insurance jargon is almost as confusing as medspeak. Sorry. I'll take it easy on the jargon.]

...Anyway, I'm sure you can guess by now that, YUP! His heart tests had, in fact, been performed on the 4th (which, incidentally, is my lucky number!) of January. 

-- And get this -- 

Originally the tests had been scheduled for the end of December, so they would have fallen under last year, thus removing any impact on this year's deductible... 

But he had gotten a bad cough and we had had to reschedule so that he could be over the cough and hold still during the tests

* <> * <> * <> * MIRACLE! * <> * <> * <> *


We were able to make his down payment after all, because the heart test bill was enough to make his remaining deductible affordable.

Oh, my, GOSH. I feel so sheepish now. 

Most especially for the simple fact that I seem to have forgotten to let go and put my trust in the Lord

How am I so fragile that I could still ever, ever, EVER forget to do that? He has saved me countless times before; why would He stop now? 

"He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." 
                                  (1st Nephi 10:18)

So how could I forget?

Artwork: "In His Constant Care" by Greg Olsen

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, thank you. 

And thank you loved ones who offered your encouragement and prayers!

Tonight, instead of heartache and worry, my tears are for joy and gratitude.

Wessee is now officially going in for his surgery at 7:15 Monday morning. 

Photo by my amazing sister, Aspen

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eden's Top 10 What Do You Do When's

This post falls under the category of "Thoughts on a Thursday: Expanded & Edenized Version, v.2"...

...which is a subsidiary of Sar's beautiful linkup idea, Thursday Thoughts (I love you Sar, hope you can forgive me for this one! Haha)

If this post were a tree...

That tree would surely, probably die.

Or maybe just look all gnarly and funky and hideously ugly, like a scrub oak.

Or, it could be like a dry old saguaro cactus, brown and crusty in the desert sun. With a shrivel-headed vulture resting on top...

But one way or the other? If this post were a tree, it would certainly suffer. Probably.

In fact, when I'm done writing it, I don't even know that I'll press "publish." (For your sake.)

But in the meantime, because I feel so much like a dying tree/gnarly scrub oak/crusty saguaro with a shrivel-headed vulture on it, I'm going to write this... until I feel better. Or die. :) Or both.

So here goes:

Eden's Top 10 "What Do You Do When's"

[alternate title:] "When Both You, AND Your Back, are Pretty Much Broke*"

*I know that's poor grammar, but it just felt so right!

What do you do when... 

(1) ...When your gigantic puppy dog (appx 130 lbs) has developed this strange habit of tipping over any and every metal water bowl you can imagine (he chews plastic to bits) with his giant paws, and then he bark-howls at it as he bats it (rather musically) around the concrete porch?

... Ding, ding, ding dah ding ding..."Woooo! Wooo, woo woo!" 

... Ding, DAH dongdong ding diiiinnnng... "WOOO! Woo, woo, woo, WOOH!!!"

...and obviously you can't just go buy him a big, fat non-tippable horse trough?

Sequoia, The Musical Genius

(2) ...When your other dog has suddenly begun to chase cars since the New Year (who knows why? Perhaps a poor, mentally-challenged dog's idea of a New Year's Resolution?)

but if you try to just minimize his backyard time

(because he'll go under the fence; he's like a cat, all lithe and flexible-like)

he just comes back inside and loudly barks 

(it's awful, like a panicked woman's shreik, I tell you!) 

sporadically at the afore-mentioned dog (the giant one) through the sliding glass door because he gets to stay out back on (semi) good behavior? 

(If you don't count the musical tipping water bowl fettish.) 

But you can't afford to purchase an underground fence so you could just let. him. out. once and for all, fortheloveofpete?!!

And that white puffball is Squanto, the car chaser. Does that face say, "I'm totally super intelligent," or what?
(3) ...When you walk through the door after being gone a while and you say, "Oh. Ohmygosh, WHAT is that SMELL?!" And then realize it's probably your entire house?

(4) ...When, then, you look around said entire house and realize you cannot find one truly clean surface (or even remotely clean, for that matter,) except for the pictures you Pledged and hung back up yesterday in the entryway because you finally took down the wooden candy canes ...even though the rest of Christmas is still up? 

And you're good at making your own budget-friendly cleaning supplies BUT you can't physically DO any cleaning, because... you and your back are pretty much broke*?

(5) ...When your brakes and rotors are grinding 

(worse sound/feeling/cringe-bringer than nails on a chalkboard. Am I right?) 

and your tires are also bald and misaligned, in the wintertime in Northern Utah, 

(I swear God has kept the snow at bay this year just for  us; sorry folks who want more snow,) 

and it's your family's only car but - as the alternate title of this list implies - you can't afford to get it fixed, so every time you or a loved one returns home safely, you feel like dropping to your knees and praising God for His endless love and protection?

(6) ...When you go through weeks of planning and preparing EVERYTHING for your sweet little boy's tonsil & adenoid surgery... 

(i.e., take him to his pre-op appts; buy $30 worth of Popsicles and ice cream; make arrangements w/his kindergarten teacher; try to keep him from catching yet another horrible cough; and above all, mentally prepare him, yourself, your hubby, and your other child for it all as best you can...) 

...only to find out yesterday that the hospital wants half of our portion up front, which would be "just $823 dollars and 15 cents" (or we can just call it $one billion$) by Sunday p.m. or you can't get it done after all?

...OR they're kind enough to offer a 20% discount if we pay the full amount?!?! 

(Really, I understand it's just policy, but why didn't I know this yet? Like before I did all that prepping?? Isn't the money part kind of important to the prepping part??? His surgery is supposed to be Monday morning, people!)

(7) ...When - whilst still in shock and in the billing prison/office at the hospital, you call on your HSA account balance and find you've got a whopping $96 bucks in there, and his prescriptions alone will cost at least that much... 

so you have to blush til your ears are bright pink, and convince the billing warlord/prison mistress/poor lady who's just doing her job that you're sorry, you just don't have it... 

But then she looks at you with a combination of pity and (is that loathing?) and says, "No, I'm not gonna cancel it just yet. Mmkay? Go home and talk with your husband. And if you still can't do it, call as soon as possible so we can cancel..." 

And you're like (in your head of course,) "Seriously, lady? If talking to my husband made money spontaneously appear I would go hoarse from all that talking!" 


"And? We'd be rich."

(8) ...When you are driving home from the hospital and it strikes you - really HARD - that this honestly, truly, DID in fact happen, and that even though your poor hubby works 70-80 hours a week he's currently getting paid crrraaaap... 

(because he's licensed but still "kind of intern level" and so, they CAN) 

and 60% of that crrraaaappy paycheck goes to medical premiums and THAT'S. STILL. Not. Enough... 

to get your son the help he needs 

to start getting enough freaking oxygen to his brain at night 

for a normal 5-yr-old, active, otherwise happy boy to be HEALTHY? 

And to not lose any more precious brain cells? 

And to not cause you to sleep with one ear open and one foot on the ground, waking up in an absolute panic 53x a night to run (hobble) to his room and make sure he's still alive, 

because he stops breathing for so long that it makes his heartrate alarmingly irregular... 

So irregular, in fact, that his doctor sends him for major tests?

* * * (...pause for deep breathing exercises, back in five...) * * *

(9) ...When all of the above is hitting you so hard it makes you burst into silent, uncontrollable sobs 

(whilst you're still driving home, sweet boy innocently unaware in the backseat, telling you that you ran a re...) 

and you have to keep your voice calm and steady enough to tell him it was actually green, and then answer each of his hundred adorable, repetitive questions about Nyloks (sp?) and Power Rangers?

(10) ...When you get home and see hubby doing his P90x before work and this smacks you with a fresh wave of hormone-riddled tears because, again, you feel so terrible for him that he works sooo freaking hard for his little family and you're STILL gonna have to drop the bomb on him that Wessee's totally necessary and (to you, anyway) totally urgent surgery is too expensive... 

and so you have to tiptoe silently by while Wessee joins him (so cute! hence, more tears) and you go finish your cry in your room... 

but now it's the next day and - aside from a few bouts of numb resignation and/or being seen in public - you still have not, stopped, crying?

...Even when you dropped hubby at his one job...

burst into quiet, controlled, freeway-driving-safe tears, then wiped them (and half your mascara) off your face...

and then stopped at hubby's other job to drop off some paperwork (more insurance forms, incidentally,) and you literally force yourself not to burst into tears of absolute anguish again... 

and you simply smile at everyone and say, "Hi, how are you? Oh good, glad to hear it. Well, here's that paperwork!"

...Because, after all... 

Thank your dearest Lord in heaven that your hubby has a job. Two, in fact. One WITH insurance, no less.

And also, thank God you have two beautiful, otherwise perfect and healthy children, and one more 

(so far, according to my many ultrasounds - knock on wood) 

like that on the way. 

And thank God you have a good, honest, loyal and hardworking husband who loves them all, and you, so much that he keeps right on going, despite the currently ridiculously crappy pay.

And even thank God that you have two sweet, fuzzy morons (the dogs) who, for all their idiosyncratic behaviors and would-be expenses, really just want to love you, and be loved. And they are oh, so loved. :)

And thank Him - don't forget - for your car that runs, and even stops when you depress the brake pedal (for now, but knock on wood again for good measure)...

And brings you back safely to your beautifully messy, warm and loving home...

Because you've gone without all those things and much, much more before... 

and it really is a miracle straight from your Father that you're even still alive.

So, it could be worse.




Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who/What/Where/Why/When'sday v.1

For a quick break from my usual rantings and ravings, tonight's post is of a page I just updated. In honor of my effort to figure out a writing theme for every day of the week, today's theme title is (until further notice or if I change my mind) 
"Who/What/Where/Why/When'sday." :)

And tonight, I choose WHY. And I'm telling you: 
Why the "Evergreen" in Evergreen Eden. Enjoy!

Why Evergreen?

An Evergreen tree lives up to her name,
Every day of her life...

photo © Robert Casey
She brings joy and beauty to all around her
Regardless of the time of year

She is eternally true to her colors
Even when the world is grey

She arches with grace when under pressure
And stays firmly rooted to the ground

She sways and dances with the breeze
And whispers comfort when winds blow strong

She makes a safe haven for those she loves
Giving them shelter, warmth and peace

And she grows just a little bit every day
As she strives to reach toward Heaven...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hug a Tree Tuesday v.1 (It's Not What You Think!)

I fully recognize the fact that many people out there do not, in fact, appreciate the "tree hugging" lifestyle. 

And I recognize that there are other folks who consider themselves "tree huggers" who may not, in fact, actually enjoy the physical act of hugging a tree. 

Although, I must admit that personally, I have been known to hug them... 

[the trees, not the tree huggers... although I've often hugged tree huggers too, and they're also quite nice... but we're talking about the trees]

...I've been known to hug them (trees) on several occasions, and I rather enjoy it. And - sans the paint thinner baths afterward for purposes of sap removal, of course - it makes me feel... good. And happy. 

[Again, the trees. Not the paint thinner.]

And plus, I was named after Paradise... 

[thanks Mom & Dad! Because of your creative streaks, I've never felt like I had to live up to any unrealistic ideals in life! *cough, cough*] the least I could do is give some love back to Mother Nature once in a while. 

[Just kidding I actually love my name. If I didn't, I wouldn't be drawing attention to it every chance I get.]

As I was saying. 

Recognizing that I am one of the very, very few who could probably be classified as a "tree hugger" who does - in fact - love to actually hug trees, I am still going to have to go out on a limb here...

[bahdum-bum! It was actually unintentional! Well, at first anyway.] 

...and hope that none of my delightful readers out there will take me literally when they see today's theme title. 

"Hug a Tree Tuesday" is not what you think. (Don't worry, I won't be insulted if you go ahead and heave a huge sigh of relief. I can't hear you or see you.)

So are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Tuesdays here at Evergreen Eden will absolutely, positively, in no way, shape or form, result in some strange commitment on your part to go outside and befriend your nearest deciduous. 

Also? I will not require that you begin recycling (although I would totally think you were SUPER awesome if you did.) 

Or that you stop wearing/using/owning synthetically-made products which contain chemicals that are harmful for the environment (at that I would say you're a much better gal than I.)

Or that you yell at/throw paint on/otherwise socially shun someone wearing leather Doc Martins or eating a medium-well-done Bourbon Street Steak at Applebee's. With A-1 Sauce.

[What? Is that too telling? Dude. Have you tried the Bourbon Street Steak? With A-1 Sauce? You can go right ahead shun me socially all you want, yo.]

So. Just to reiterate - because, let's face it, that's what I'm good at - here's that disclaimer again:

Joining Eden for "Hug a Tree Tuesdays" does NOT entail any kind of environmental love and/or responsibility.

Wait, you ask. So then why in the tarnation did you go and name your weekly Tuesday theme something like that???

Well, first of all, because I can. See? I just did.

And secondly, because hello! This here blog is called Evergreen Eden! 

Evergreen Eden. As in evergreen trees

Eden. As in the Garden of.

And thirdly (as if you needed any more reason than that!) because... I, for one, happen to love trees. (I think you may have gathered that by now. Did I mention the name of this here blog?)

And fourthly, if "Hug a Tree Tuesday" isn't meant to be an environmental tribute of some sort... then the name must have had SOME purpose, right? 

What do you think it might mean? I'll give you a hint:

* * * * * 

* * *

* * * * *

Photo of gigantic, misshapen, extra-scratchy tumbleweed, courtesy of...

* * * * * 

* * * 

* * * * * 

Give up? Okay, here it is: 

"Hug a Tree Tuesday" isn't meant to really mean much of anything... at all. 

But don't let that upset you. There is actually a method to my madness. 

[Is that what all crazy people say? Well, I am NOT crazy, I assure you.] 

[Uh-oh. They say that too, huh?] 

I didn't want Tuesdays to have too specific of a theme, because I like to keep the door open for seemingly random, all-over-the-map, yet secretly meaningful, I-totally-have-a-point posts. 

Like this one. Aren't you glad I did? 

Welcome to Hug a Tree Tuesdays at Evergreen Eden.  
There's more where that came from, baby!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Motech Monday v.1

When you hear the word motech, what does it mean to you?

Oh. Right. Sorry. 

"Motech" is a combination word (felloword*) I made up; it's simply a combination of the words "modern" + "technology." 

[If you are still confused, please see the "Fellowords" page (above) in order to avoid any more long-winded confusing unnecessary explanations.]

Anyways. I asked you what you think of when you hear the word "motech." (Or the words "modern technology." Whichever.)

Well, since I am writing this, I can't really say what it means to you - so please let me know in a comment at the end. In the meantime, I can give you a little idea of what motech means to me.

Motech? is pure magic. Truly, truly jaw-dropping. 

It is awe-striking, breathtaking, and almost altogether unbelievable. 

We live in a time when it is possible to be literally stuck in the horizontal (i.e., lying in bed pregnant/injured/both,) and yet still speak our minds to the entire world. 

How can we do this? By opening up a skinny, 4(ish)-pound, rectangular plastic thingy right there on your pregnant tummy/body pillow/lapdesk. 

Once it's open, you've got this a keyboard full of buttons just waiting to be pressed, buttons that help you say anything, to anyone, just about anywhere... and a high-res screen full of endless possibilities.

And that is only the beginning.

Since you are already aware of the modern miracle that is the Internet, I will spare you any more descriptive prose. Instead, each week on... 

*:*:*:* Motech Mondays *:*:*:*

I will share things with you that I've discovered out here in this webilicious world of wonder. 

I'll share things that are monumentally modern, and totally tech-y. 

Things that are motechy.

For tonight, I will leave you with a quote from the author Arthur C. Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

(I think he would know. He was born in 1917 and lived until just under 4 years ago.)