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My name is Eden Wakefield-Hopper, a.k.a. the wildly brilliant mind behind Evergreen Eden, LLC.


The fact that you’ve made your way here tells me it’s likely that you’re currently seeking some kind of answer, change, or even total (and sustainable!) transformation for your body, mind, soul, and/or life… even if you don’t consciously realize it just yet. [And if you don’t, please bookmark this page and come back when you do realize it… because you’re likely not really ready for all of this just yet. But – keep following your intuition (like you did when it guided you here!) and you’ll be ready soon enough!]

So how do I know you’re seeking these things? Two reasons – besides, of course, the fact that I’m highly intuitive ? –

Reason #1: Because that’s what I do: I help people find answers, change, and, yes, even total, sustainable transformation. 

And Reason #2: Because the Universe is excellent at lining you up with people (like yours truly,) situations, and things that can best help you achieve your dharma – your highest truth and purpose.

I’m remarkably confident in my ability to help you do this… also for two reasons:

Reason #1: I have a couple of pretty stinkin’ cool talents and abilities… however, they were given to me by a Higher Source, so they come through me, not from me. Yep, even my sense of humor (sorry, you can’t blame me for that. Not totally anyway.) ?  So it really doesn’t bother me to be bold about what I can do, because it amazes me as much as it does the next guy.

And Reason #2: Before I discovered how to teach and guide others through total, sustainable transformation, I had to learn and apply it all firsthand, myself.

Also known as, hard knocks.

So, wherever you’re coming from? …Believe me, I’ve been there.

Not in your specific shoes, of course, and I totally honor your individual path and unique set of circumstances. But that being said, in my own surprising way… I. Have. Been. There. Before.

So I understand. ? I really do.

In fact, many would consider my life story to be rather unbelievable. (I’m actually writing a book about it; however, you can’t read it… Yet, that is. ? At least not until I release it as a famous self-help guru at some undisclosed future point in time.) ?

And so, thanks to this crazy life history of mine, and a couple of extremely supportive folks like my amazing husband and my recently-passed angel Mom (not to mention the good Lord and His infinitely abundant Universe, of course)… through it all I was compelled to seek extensive education in several different modalities, for several different areas of life. This ultimately led me to remarkable healing, wholeness, and total transformation like I never could have imagined at any time prior.

As a result, I was blessed with the ability to turn around and use my God-given talents to share these miraculous tools with others.

Here are some of the credentials I carry, along with their descriptions:

  • I’m a “Light Coach” (TM) – This is a term I coined to define a combination of lightwork (energetic healing & transformation) and life coaching, which combined together can pack one heck of a great big WHOA, NELLY. ? (Just ask my clients.)
  • I’m a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach – Trained in – and a lifelong student of – Integrative Nutrition, I look at nutrition from a balanced, whole-life angle, considering all the “Primary Foods” – things we take in on every level – as well as the food on our plates.
  • I’m a practitioner of both NLP and EFT – Each of these methods – NeuroLinguistic Programming, and the Emotional Freedom Technique – are extremely effective tools for blasting through inner blocks for true mind/body/soul (and hence, energetic) transformation. When applied together, they are unstoppable.
  • I’m a Manifesting Coach –  After decades of deep study and epic “fails” in attempting to harness the creative powers of God’s Universal Laws (including the oft-misunderstood “Law of Attraction,”) one day I finally figured it all out, big-time. Now I teach people how to Co-Create their best lives through “Sustainable Energetic Transformation” (TM) And believe me you, that sustainability factor? Crucial.
  • I’m a Yoga & Meditation Teacher – I incorporate several types of meditation and/or yoga, including (but not limited to) Japa, Hatha, and Kundalini. I use my skills in this area to teach my students and clients powerful ways to energize and change their bodies, minds, spirits and lives.
  • I’m an Elemental Intuitive – I “read” (sense, hear, see, and/or feel) things from animals, trees and other plants, rocks and crystals, as well as other elements that exist courtesy: Mother Earth. These elemental sensitivities of mine increase in strength by the day. In fact, it’s now gotten to the point where it’s mandatory for me to perform a daily grounding and protective ritual. That is, if I want to process it all in a clear and focused manner and avoid going totally nuts. ?
  • I’m an Energetic Intuitive – I also sense other types of energies, such as “latent environmental energy” (stuff that happened in a specific spot or place in the past, leaving an energetic imprint) and energy from spirits who are not yet – or not anymore – in the physical. Not to mention all y’all spirits who are. ? Again, this ability has continued to increase in clarity and strength, and also requires the strictest adherence to my above-mentioned daily ritual, in order to stay (semi) sane. ☺
  • I’m a Reiki Master – I recently earned the miraculous ability to channel the power of Reiki Energy (a.k.a. Chi, Qi, Ki, Universal Life Force, and my two personal favorites – Prana, and Christ Energy.) I do this through the employment of my body, my mind, my hands, and several sacred and ancient symbols, in order to bring about healing and positive change. And already it’s brought everything else I had to exponentially more intense levels. Amazing!!

So as you can probably tell ? I’m all about Sustainable Energetic Transformation of the entire Self… and thus, Life. Because once you’ve achieved that beautiful transformation of heart, mind, body and soul, you’re aligned with God; which means you’re in an optimal state for co-creating your best life…

When you’re aligned with God, the Universe always has your back.

Other things I love (besides the above): writing, reading, being in nature, kickin’ it with my family, Feng Shui’ing my happy little house ? and enjoying ALL of God’s incredible gifts.

My home is filled with beautiful rocks, hilarious animals, and some very happy houseplants… As well as my BFF of a hubby and our 3 awesomesauce (and also, hilarious) kids.

My overall focus and intention is to lead you – my Evergreen Eden Tribe – in Co-Creating your wildest dreams and living your Dharma to the very fullest. ?

Thanks for reading and hop on over to check out my Baby Steps to Bliss eCourse if you’d like to learn more!

But first, here is another picture of me that I think really captures the essence of ME-ness:


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