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The Baby Steps to Bliss eCourse is about systematically, one-by-one, raising your vibration in each of the 12 major areas of your life.
These 12 key areas fall under the 4 main cornerstones of your life – the “heart,” (relationships,) the mind, the body, and the soul…
Class Modules are as follows:
Your Heart (Relationships)
Module 1:   Create Healthy Boundaries – Healing your Relationships with Others and the World Around You

Module 2:   Develop a Blissful Relationship with Self – Trusting and Adoring Yourself AS YOU ARE; Letting Go of Fear & Doubt

Module 3:   Awaken to God’s Love for You – Recognizing and Falling in Love with the Divine Plan Created Just for You

Your Mind

Module 4:   Harness your Conscious Mind – Making Awesome Choices through Awareness, Focus, Clarity, & Creative Repetition

Module 5:   Heal your Inner Mind – Achieving Mental Equanimity and Dissolving your Subconscious Blocks for Lasting Success

Module 6:   Clear your Connection with Source – Finding Everything You Want and Need, Deep within the Stillness of your Mind

Your Body

Module 7:   Bliss Out Your House – Creating an Environment for Optimal Frequency and Flow through the Art of Feng Shui

Module 8:   Transform your Vital Energy – Becoming Physically Healthy, Pain-Free and Whole, One Joyful Step at a Time

Module 9:   Make Peace with the Sacred Temple you Call your Body – Loving the Image in your Mirror, Bad Lighting and All

Your Soul

Module 10:   Harness your Latent Abilities – Developing your Unique, Innate Talents for Helping and Healing Others & the World

Module 11:   Discover Your Dharma – Looking In-Depth at who You Really Are, and who You are Meant to Be.

Module 12:   Align with God – Learning to Co-Create the Life You Always Wanted… but Almost Never Dared Believe Could Actually Happen

Each module gently but firmly guides you in a very simple and sustainable way, so that every transformation you achieve actually sticks. For good.

This results in optimal conditions for co-creating (manifesting) your bliss – your very best life – by massively increasing your energetic vibration to align with your dharma, which is, essentially, your highest truth

What Comes with the Course:
✨This program is online and fully recorded, so although each module is released on a weekly basis, you can follow along at your own pace. Each module helps you raise your frequency in the particular area discussed, but it also helps to support and raise all the other areas, as well.
✨ You’ll become a member of the private Baby Steps Facebook group, which is a safe and supportive atmosphere for asking questions and sharing love, light, laughter, and support. There is unlimited power in the energy of a like-minded community!
✨ Every weekday you’ll receive a “Tiny Tip” in your email (also posted to the group for those who don’t like email or who want to catch up with previous Tiny Tips.)
Tiny Tips are designed to help increase your Awareness and also offer you an accountability partner: often I’ll ask you to message me with a very simple Tiny Tip “assignment.” (Attention to the overly busy and otherwise overwhelmed: These assignments are fully optional, and they’re never longer than one word or one sentence.)
✨ Perhaps the most attractive part of the class, besides the actual modules, is the fact that you get three (3) 60-minute Light Coaching sessions with me, which we’ll do once a month – either via video chat online, or in person (if you’re local and you feel so inclined.) These private Light Coaching sessions are specially designed for you to help hyper-focus and personalize your results. They’ll help you gain awareness, balance and clarity in your efforts, so you can truly become aligned with your dharma and manifest whole-life bliss.
✨ As an added bonus, I also offer my Baby Steps students extra Light Coaching sessions – if they prefer more in-depth guidance – at a deeply discounted rate. Previous clients (people were with me prior to the launch of the class) are “grandfathered” in to my happily-flowing coaching schedule, but otherwise all of my available session times are now being offered solely to my students, for maximum availability and flexibility. I do these by online video chat (via Facebook,) which is much easier to schedule and allows my availability to be more flexible, which adds to your convenience.
So again, a quick recap of what membership in the Baby Steps to Bliss program looks like:
  • 12 weekly modules (including audio, video and downloadable bullet points and other PDFs,) each focusing on raising the vibration in one of the major aspects of your life
  • Membership in the Baby Steps to Bliss private Facebook group for the added higher vibration of a like-minded and supportive community, as well as for answers to questions that come up about course material
  • Tiny Tip emails (sent out daily on weekdays) along with access to any previous and future Tips for life
  • (3) 60-minute Light Coaching sessions with me to bring you Awareness, Balance and Clarity where your Dharma and other dreams and goals are concerned
  • Deeply discounted students-only pricing (and access) to any extra Light Coaching sessions you may or may not choose to add later on


Right now I’m offering this class at the lowest rate ever, because it has filled up so nicely (allowing more financial freedom to offer it at a discount) and because I really want to grow this community and spread the ripple effect of energetic transformation.

If you wish to pay full price you may do so by contacting me with your payment information. Some of you are aware of the Law of Energetic Value Exchange – that we are always rewarded generously at the level of our exchange of value. In this case, the value we’re giving is our hard-earned money (which also represents the values of freedom, security, self-care, etc.,) and the value we’re getting is knowledge, awareness, enlightenment, and all the huge blessings that come with those things.)

Now obviously this program is the same program for everyone; it’s just that what you get out of it will be affected somehow or another. For example, let’s say Bill pays the full price for a program and it’s a stretch on his budget but he knows he needs it, so he acts from a place of peace, of trust in the Universe. During one particular lecture of the course, Bill suddenly has a brilliant epiphany that quickly and effectively helps him carry out something very important to him. At the same moment, Sally, who paid much less money than Bill, or who felt that the amount she paid was not really a sacrifice, listens to the course but is actually thinking about her grocery list, and she misses a key point that would have been a life-changer for her.

Just a silly example, but the point is, we get what we give.

But remember: if you’re not feelin’ it, you’re not going to get the greatest results. So don’t do it unless you truly feel ready to!! This is why I want you to contact me if you want to pay more – not so I can talk you out of more money lol, but so that I know for sure you want to do that.

So, to pay up front, saving you $66 for an individual membership and $166 for a couple’s membership,) choose an option from the link below:

BS2B Spring ’16 Class Membership Paid in Full – Options

To pay using the 3 automatic monthly payments, choose an option from the link below:

BS2B Spring ’16 Class Membership 3-mo Installment Plan – Options

Online Light Coaching Sessions for Students are now discounted from the usual $88 to $66 per one-hour session – and this price remains throughout the length of the program.

Please message me once payment is made so that we can set up a time (see Contact information down below)

Length of Session

Other Info: There are already 18 Tiny Tips, which can be forwarded to you and/or found under “Files” on the Facebook private group page. 

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