Forest Favorites

Due to a dramatic increase in recent traffic...

Okay, okay. It's just in case. Hey! You never know when someone might drop by! 

And then maybe that person (could be you! I'm just sayin') might really like a certain post and hit "share" at the end... and then from there? It could even go viral

You just never know. (I'm not gonna rule it out; positive thinking and all that.)

So this here "Faves" page is crucial, just in case a whole bunch of people come to visit. (We wouldn't want you reading just any old post, now would we?)

Yes, that is why this page exists in the first place... all on account of you, Dear Reader Who Doesn't Know Any Better...

Let's start with the reason for this blog's name... besides the fact that my name happens to be Eden:

Why Evergreen?

And then follow that up with a poem that will take you in quite... another direction, entirely:

Ode de Toilette - A Country Song

(Yup. I believe in jumping in head first.)

(Plus it weeds out any potentially... weedy... weeds. You know who I'm talking about, right? You know, people who don't enjoy fun, happiness, enlightenment...) 

So if you're still around after that? First of all, wow. Thank you! 

And secondly... well aren't you just a glutton for punishment? 

But I'm not one to stand in your way, so there's more where that came from. How about we suit your mood?

If you're feeling spiritually drained or just want a faith-builder:

I Love You AND Me. Because I Love Him

If you want to see me make a complete fool of myself (although that is not too hard to do. In fact, it could pretty much happen on any post I've written, give or take)... 

And you also want to make yourself feel better about not following up on some random weekly project of your own? Read this:

Hug a Tree Tuesday, volume 1 (and only)

Or here's another unfinished project, for good measure:

Motech Monday, volume 1 (I'm not giving up so easily on this one, though)

If you're still (somehow, miraculously) not yet convinced that I march to the beat of my own drummer, and I happily expect you to march right along with me:


And finally, in a superhuman effort to restore any faith you may have had in me,

(...although, again, a slight hint at [rated G] bathroom humor may or may not be involved...) 

and if you've been getting tons of great ideas, but have kind of a hard time getting them anywhere, then this one's for you:

Do You Have this (Thankfully) Chronic Condition Too?

Oh yeah. And one more. If you're feeling romantic/nostalgic/just plain sick of listening to me, here's one that my darling (and unbelievably talented) hubby wrote, too. Just because I like to end things on a sane happy note:

Negative, Ghost Writer...

Well, that's all for now, folks! But I'll do my best to keep this page fresh, so if you subscribe (just type your address into the "EE-mail" box there on your right-hand side,) I'll go ahead and make sure you get the goods in your inbox. :) 

You're welcome!