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Hi, I’m Evergreen!

In my 44-years-long crazy life, I've died and come back, cured my own cancer, and lived through 9 months of captive enslavement, among other things!

Nowadays, I write to make your WHOLE LIFE better. Hence the Eden (noun: paradise)...

More importantly still, I write to help you *keep* it that way... hence the Evergreen! :)

Besides being an avid writer with a penchant for naming things, I'm also a longtime Shaman, Nutritionist, Cannabis Expert, Yoga/Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Reader. :) Just think of me as your local Professional Bullshit Emancipator. LLC.

I've definitely faced my fair share of those cold, hard prison bars life tends to throw up around any human - mental, financial, physical, relational, social, spiritual, vocational, more. I've been entrapped by a LOT of those, in the past. However, through a series of seemingly unfortunate events, ultimately I learned how to free myself, and then how to successfully *stay* free.

Along the way I gathered tales, tools, tricks and truths that I now write about on Medium.com, just for you.

With love and a dash of OCD!

I write a lot about my life story, and the lessons I've learned (and continue to.) Other topics I write about include:


Aging Backwards



Energetic Wellness


Physical Wellness


Weight Loss

Body Contouring

Life Purpose

Mental Health and more...

I'm now about to release - one chapter at a time - my highly addicting self-help fictional novels as well!

I currently reside in Reno, NV, with my twin flame boyfriend, 3 of our 5 hilarious kids, and a kitty cat named Sativa.

I've had one hell of a crazy life; I don't know how to do boring.😉 So if reading my stuff sounds like your cup of (green) tea, feel free to sign up for my newsletter with a click on the button above!

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~Evergreen Eden

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