Evergreen Eden

Shaman and Writer in Reno, NV

Hi, I’m Evergreen!

In my 44-years-long crazy life, I've died and come back, cured my own cancer, and lived through 9 months of captive enslavement, among other things!

So if you're in any kind of pain - physical, emotional, mental or relational - I'm here to help. I write to inspire & inform, enlighten & entertain, and heal & help you along your dharmic path.

As for my credentials: I'm a longtime Medium, Shaman, Cannabis Expert, Nutritionist, Yoga/Meditation Instructor, and Intuitive Reader. But you can just think of me as your very own Professional Bullshit Emancipator! :)

I write a lot about my life story, and the lessons I've learned (and continue to.) Other topics I write about include:


Aging Backwards



Energetic Wellness


Physical Wellness


Weight Loss

Body Contouring

Life Purpose

Mental Health and more...

I'm now about to release - one chapter at a time - my highly addicting self-help fictional novels as well!

I currently reside in Reno, NV, with my twin flame boyfriend, 3 of our 5 hilarious kids, and a kitty cat named Sativa.

I've had one hell of a crazy life; I don't know how to do boring.😉 So if reading my stuff sounds like your cup of (green) tea, feel free to sign up for my newsletter with a click on the button above!

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