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Author, Solution Seeker, and Perpetual Bearer of Hope

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I’m not super keen on painting myself into a corner with a label, buuuut… for the sake of you knowing what you’re about to get yourself into:

Eden Wakefield is my name, Evergreen Wellness is my game.

I’m a serial seeker/sharer of simple & sustainable solutions: I find ways to fix anything we can break that’s mind/body/soul/relationship-related.

I do this as an integrative researcher, testing myriad products and practices that claim to relieve problems or pain of any kind. The only solutions that get past my rigorous standards have to be simple to (a) replicate and (b) form into a habit that lasts.

I’m qualified to do this as a certified whole-life nutritionist: I lean on my education and credentials to help people weed out the bullshit and toxins of life, and harvest truth and wellness in their place.

I’m a born elemental medium: I use my unique set of gifts to accurately discern signs, symbols, and messages— both seen and unseen — for clarity, awareness, and guidance.

I’m trained as a trauma-informed shaman: I walk the path first, creating energetic potential and support for those who follow.

This is because I’m also a wounded shaman: I forge a parallel, more handicap-accessible pathway to peace, for those who — like me — often feel like they’ve lost hope altogether.

I come by this honestly as a self-taught survivor — ->thriver: I’ve learned to live in peace with posttraumatic stress, despite a very long, sordid history of trauma — including 9 long months in captivity. (Feel free to check out my publication PTSDemons.)

Due to both my crazylife experience and one very sweet mom (RIP, Mama,) I’m a reluctant empath: Though it isn’t always the easiest thing for me to do, I share my personal stories of grief and trauma to offer connection and understanding, whatever your own personal pain may be. I believe camaraderie is the hidden gem in bad things happening to good people.

As an author, I write it all down for you, in hopes you might feel less alone, and way more enthusiasm for life.

I’m a human soul: whether anyone else finds my discoveries of truth to be repugnant, risky, or even rebellious against the god of their understanding… at the very least, I leave my legacy for my loved ones, my students, my readers… and hopefully, you. And I do it in gratitude to Source.

At the end of the day, if you mustlabel me🙂 you can call me a perpetual bullshit emancipator and an unkillable bearer of hope.

I write my true-life tales, tools, tips, and truths on Medium.com.

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