Two shortish-longish years ago, I was broke, in the middle of a hellishly lengthy divorce, and steadily losing a 12-year battle with a mystery-diagnosis-turned-cancer. My body was tired, basically draped across Death's doorstep, and it felt like at any moment he was going to step outside for a cigar.

This was what it was like, to have exhausted all options, all resources, and almost all hope.


But then, a freakishly brave and generous friend offered me a second lease on life. The cost was the greatest sacrifice I could imagine.


I had to leave everything, and everyone, and move 547 miles away from my own babies... but I did it because that means now that one day, I can hold their babies.

It worked, of course! (Find out more as you follow my story.)


Here I am, the very picture of health. I have a wonderful life (not without its ups and downs but when is life not yin/yang, mmm?) and now, finally, I get to see my kids quite a bit these days. I also have an amazing boyfriend with a beautiful flowing beard. (That's worth mentioning in the blurb at the top of your website. Trust me.)

Anyways. Of the two horrible choices life threw my way - to give in and die, or somehow scrape myself up off the pavement and fight - I took the road (way) less traveled. This is my story...

Meet Eden...

Meet Eden...
Nutrition Counseling


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